Brancacci 1960 and Ciabot winery present the Bā.8. A wine to be consumed as an aperitif, a wine that can be considered an excellent aperitif for any evening, including large events. It has a unique flavor, thanks to its blend of Cortese and Moscato, which give the Bā.8 a dry and sweet fragrance at the same time. For Asian markets.

Type of wine White Dry
Refinement In contact with the yeasts in stainless steel
Location of the land Sandy hills in Roero area
Type of bottle Bordolese
Type of land Pleistocene hills formed from fluvial deposit
Colour Yellow with light green nuances
Grapes Cortese and Moscato
Bouquet Intense and fruity, a little bit aromatic
Care in the preparation and refinement Hand picking in little boxes, soft grapes crushing, maceration with skins for 36 hours and drawning, racking sedimentation of the flower must, decantation and fermentation at controlled temperatures (12-14 degrees)
Flavour Complex, persistent with mineral salts in the end
Packaging Transparent bottle. All paper and cartons are from recycle materials and vegetable dyes.
Best served at 8 degrees - 10 degrees
Availability By spring after harvest