It is said that a glass of wine a day is good for the body and the spirit. Well, we have excellent news for you and introduce our label 364. Deriving from Dolcetto grapes, this young light red wine and is meant to be an everyday wine for 364 days. With a small exception of the New Year’s Eve tradition which we leave to toast with the bubblies!

Type of wine Red Dry
Refinement Steel tanks for a period of 12 months during which there are blending. A further refinement in bottle before selling.
Location of the land Soft hills in Dogliani area
Type of bottle Bordolese
Type of land Pleistocene hills formed from fluvial deposit
Colour Intense ruby red
Grapes Dolcetto
Bouquet Intense and charming, with a wide range of aromas, like cherry and plum
Care in the preparation and refinement Hand-picking at the best maturation level. soft grape crushing and maceration for 8/10 days
Flavour Complex, structured, harmonious and persistent
Packaging Dark bottle. All paper and cartons are from recycle materials and vegetable dyes.
Best served at 16 degrees - 18 degrees
Availability By autumn