Brancacci 1960 is proud to present the new Ò7 Rosé label, from the hand-picked Dolcetto grape family. This rosé wine was created to satisfy all palates, its soft coral pink colour will bring freshness and relaxation to the table. The Ò7 label comes from an Italian slang and reads HO-SETE, meaning I am thirsty! Ò7 is ideal for those warm months of the year so, serve fresh and enjoy!

Type of wine Semi-dry rose wine
Refinement In contact with the yeasts in stainless-steel
Location of the land Soft hills in Langhe area
Type of bottle Bordolese
Type of land Pleistocene hills formed from a fluvial deposit
Colour Soft coral pink
Grapes Dolcetto
Bouquet Intense, notes of orange flowers, lime and raspberries
Care in the preparation and refinement Hand-picking at the best maturation level. Soft grape crushing and maceration for 25 days
Flavour Persistent, slightly semi-dry, complete and full body
Packaging Transparent bottle. All paper and cartons are recycled with vegetal print.
Best served at 8°C - 10°C
Availability By spring after harvest