#1 Barolo DOCG

With its controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin, the Barolo of Brancacci 1960 and Ciabot winery unveil another creation of the series, #1 label. Barolo which is considered the undisputed KING of red wines, refined in oak barrels for a period between 36 to 40 months gives its intense and complex fragrance, hence, its name #1!

2B Dogliani DOCG

"To be or not to be," asked William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Obviously, 2B! Brancacci and Ciabot have decided to follow Socrates' philosophy, which is "be as you wish to be"! This is how Dogliani was born, produced with Dolcetto grapes and aged for 12 months. A wine to share with everyone!

364 Langhe DOC Dolcetto

It is said that a glass of wine a day is good for the body and the spirit. Well, we have excellent news for you and introduce our label 364. Deriving from Dolcetto grapes, this young light red wine and is meant to be an everyday wine for 364 days. With a small exception of the New Year’s Eve tradition which we leave to toast with the bubblies!

Gr.8 Langhe DOC Nebbiolo
NEW FOR 2020

Brancacci 1960 and Ciabot winery present you the Gr.8 label, a beautiful refined red wine deriving from the prestigious Nebbiolo grapes, hence Gr8 or GREAT. Color ruby red with orange/copper shades, with a vanilla note due to the aging in barrique and tonneau for 20 months. Ideal with stewed meats and tasty cheeses.

Oak3 Piemonte DOC Barbera

Brancacci 1960 and Ciabot winery gives you a beautiful red wine from the Barbera grape family and third born of the Brancacci family. Refined for 20 months in small French oak barriques which has enhanced its color & increased its intense fragrance of spices and wood, hence its name OaK 3. For the true connoisseurs!

B4 Piemonte DOC Bianco

Brancacci 1960 and Ciabot winery present you the B4, this white wine is to be considered as a starter, before! With its unique blend gives this white wine a dry yet sweet fragrance that will surely bring happiness to all, B4 any great event! 

Bā.8 Piemonte DOC Bianco

Brancacci 1960 and Ciabot winery present the Bā.8. A wine to be consumed as an aperitif, a wine that can be considered an excellent aperitif for any evening, including large events. It has a unique flavor, thanks to its blend of Cortese and Moscato, which give the Bā.8 a dry and sweet fragrance at the same time. For Asian markets.

No5 Piemonte DOC Rosso

Brancacci 1960 represents the pursuit of perfection, as did the Brancacci Chapel in Florence which is one of the world’s highest examples of the art of the Renaissance period. From this inspiration, the Brancacci & Fia families have given birth to a series of wines of high-quality controlled denominations. No.5 is the first creation of the series deriving from a blend of grapes, refined for 20 months giving its garnet red colour and harmonious flavour.

Ò7 Rosé
NEW FOR 2020

Brancacci 1960 is proud to present the new Ò7 Rosé label, from the hand-picked Dolcetto grape family. This rosé wine was created to satisfy all palates, its soft coral pink colour will bring freshness and relaxation to the table. The Ò7 label comes from an Italian slang and reads HO-SETE, meaning I am thirsty! Ò7 is ideal for those warm months of the year so, serve fresh and enjoy!

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